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Islam and Dajjal

Islam and Dajjal


Translator's foreword
At first glance from the title of the book, 'Dajjal? The JudeoChristian 'Civilization!'', it might seem like another long saga
about the One Eyed Giant on a huge, big horse that will come to
terrorize the world's inhabitants. But as one reads on, one will
soon realize that the subject of this book has been approached
from a rather scientific angle than a purely religious one. This
book strives to prove that Moslems the world over should stop
waiting for a gigantic monster, that it supposed to have only oneeye, whose mount is to said to have one foot in the east and the
other in the west, and wake up to the fact that not only has this
'giant' made its appearance long since, but is already in control of
this entire world, as prophesized by the last messenger of Allah
more than a fourteen hundred years ago. This 'giant', is the
Judeo-Christian materialistic, technologically advanced
civilization that has turned out as the dominant force in the
world today. The western society we see today is the product of
centuries old research in the fields of technology, scientific
exploration and relentless pursuit in the betterment of quality of
temporal life. This exclusion of the Maker from all other areas of
the collective human life than the purely personal side is referred
to as the viewing of the Dajjal on left eye only; because all things
good are regarded as being inspired by the right.
The last three chapters of the book deals with the state of affairs
of the world today; the presence of the Dajjal, it being the most
dangerous situation to present itself before mankind. These
chapters give a valuable insight into what can be done by the
Moslems the world over to avail themselves of the highest honor
and prestige to be ever-granted on any human being.
To those looking for positive thinking ideas and our situation in
the world today, this book is bound to open wonderful new
avenues of thought and a white new world of very different way
of perception. DAJJAL? The Judeo-Christian ‘Civilization’!

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